Rosanne Karmes

Owner, Sydney Evan


I have many fond memories of my childhood, however, I vividly remember where Sydney Evan all began. At the young age of 12, my best friend and I developed an obsession and skill for arts and craft; every week we would save our pocket money and go straight to the local crafts store to purchase a selection of treasures including puka shells, turquoise and sterling beads.

Transfixed, I would sit for hours in my room and occupy myself designing and creating my own bracelets and necklaces. Of course, with any talent, practice makes perfect and with my confidence flourishing, I soon found myself wearing my own designs to school. I guess you could say this is where the very early and primitive stages of Sydney Evan started from, as my classmates would ask me where my jewellery was from but more importantly if I could design them a piece too.

Personable soon transformed into profitable; I mean, what 12 year old girl didn’t want to increase their allowance? Every lunchtime I would find a quiet spot in the schoolyard and set up shop so to speak; whilst others were buying lunch at the cafeteria, I was making a profit selling bracelets that cost me less than a dollar each to make for roughly five dollars a piece. The margins were incredible when I look back at it now. I’m still surprised I didn’t spend all my earnings on typical ‘teen things’ like magazines, make up and clothes; instead something made me save the money and I began to accumulate a small but substantial investment.

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