Miriam Castilla

Author, mentor and speaker

There are moments in life which will define you for years to come.

My most memorable such moment was in a supermarket. Fighting the tears welling up in my eyes, I handed a few items back to the cashier. It was humiliating and embarrassing.

What was the reason for my distress? My grocery bill was $10 over what I could afford! At the time, that seemed like an absolute fortune.

I was going through an ugly divorce, was stressed to the eyeballs and living in constant fear around money. I felt utterly exhausted.

Moments like these test our self-belief to the core. These moments also hold the seed of great opportunity. If you can grab these moments by the horns, dig deep and surround yourself with only the most positive influences you can go very far.

After leaving the supermarket that day, I went through a gamut of emotions: anger, self pity, disgust, rage. I was shocked at how much my life had changed in such a short period of time. I reflected on this for a long time. Finally it dawned on me.

I’d been living a very comfortable life before my divorce but had also been very unhappy. I realized that somewhere along the way I had subconsciously connected money and material comfort with unhappiness. When I finally decided to change my life so I could be happy, I subconsciously also rejected money and material comfort.

It’s a dangerous game letting your subconscious beliefs run the show like this. Luckily beliefs can be changed but before we can change them, we must first become aware of them.

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