Would you like to contribute to a book showcasing successful women in business?

The book, Successful Women in Business, is the third edition of the series profiling women that have either successfully run their own businesses, mentored others, or have in some way made a significant contribution to the success of the company (or industry) they work in.

The book is produced in partnership with Voila Success and is part of a series which focuses on successful women in three distinct areas: Australia and New Zealand, North America and Canada and Europe.

Can you write a chapter for this book? The chapter will be a practical and easy to read profile telling the businesswoman’s


story; who she is, what she has done, the challenges she has faced and how she overcame them etc.

Successful Women in Business will be the third in the Successful Women series and will be published as an ebook and paperback. If you are prepared to write a single (2,000 words or more) chapter for the book, I’d love to hear from you. The book will be marketed worldwide through Amazon, iBooks and the book publishers website and it will be promoted by a PR agency. If you would like to contribute to the book please click here to apply to write a chapter.


Pick up ebook editions of Successful Women in Business – International Edition and Successful Women in Business – Australia Edition.

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