Rachel Matthews

Owner of Weddings by Rachel

With a background in marketing, PR and events and a love for weddings and all things pretty, I often feel like wedding planning was just ‘a given’ for me.

I am a fully qualified wedding planner, organising weddings in Wales for clients based locally, all over the UK and abroad and I absolutely love weddings – everything about them. I love the excitement in the build up;  I love the way a groom can go from nervous to completely in awe as the love of his life walks down the aisle; I love the speeches and the toasts; seeing children run around playing in formal wear; I love the dancing and, amazingly, I even love the clean up afterwards.

There’s something extremely special about spending a couple’s wedding day with them and I truly don’t think there’s a job like it. There are always ups and downs but being organised and ensuring everyone is enjoying the day is something I thrive on.

Now, more than three years on, I have established a success name for myself in the industry and am proud to be growing my business each day.

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