Mark Mills

Serial business broker and founder of Comerga Consulting, and Cardpoint PLC.  He is the author of Natural Born Entrepreneur.


The business I am most proud of is Cardpoint. We took it from a ‘Eureka’ moment, no more than a spark of an idea, to the largest independent network of cash machines in Europe in seven years.

The time came for me to sell my share in the company and I was discussing it with my wife, Angela. This was my fifth business and we had received a serious offer for my stake in it. I was at home in the kitchen reviewing the numbers and feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I looked up and asked: ‘How much cash do you think Cardpoint dispensed last month?’

‘I have no idea.’

‘When we started we had three cash-machines and the customers drew £30,000 in two weeks. Have a guess?

‘Mark, I haven’t a clue.’

‘Come on? There are now 6500 machines operating in three countries 24-hours a day.’

In the end, I told her, ‘We dispensed just under half a billion pounds last month.’


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