We’re looking for experts who can write about dieting and physical fitness

Athena Publishing is looking for contributors for our ground breaking book Creating The Life You Want: Dieting and Physical Fitness.

We’d love to hear from you if you can write a book chapter covering topics such as:

  • How to diet sensibly and keep off the extra weight
  • Nutritional food and supplements
  • Exercising for better health
  • Creating the ideal body
  • Yoga and physical well-being


If we can use your chapter in Creating The Life You Want: Dieting and Physical Fitness we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site.

Creating The Life You Want: Dieting and Physical Fitness will be produced as both a paperback and ebook.

The Creating The Life You Want series is the world’s first Bitsie – a series of informative bite-sized books which, together, make up a complete full-sized book.   Bitsies are different because each bite-sized edition has just five to seven chapters covering one category in depth.  Time challenged readers with a specific area of interest can choose which Bitsie to read rather than committing to a whole full-size book.  Alternatively,  they can pick up all of the Bitsies that make up the whole series.

You can read a sample chapter from one of our previous books in the series here: http://athenapublishing.com/mindfulness-changed-life-can-change/

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