Jayne Drew & Kelly Daugherty

Directors of Smashing Golf & Tennis

All great business ideas begin with martinis, right?  In our case, it was pomegranate martinis, which has the added benefit of anti-oxidants.

Tennis partners Jayne Drew & Kelly Daugherty had been fermenting a business idea for a couple months while they played, but needed inspiration.  Finally able to meet and brainstorm over martinis, they had their eureka moment.

The original idea was a line of funny tennis shirts, because quite frankly, we’re hysterical (or at least we think we are.)  It was sort of a “Life is Good” line with funny tennis sayings. However during our brainstorming session, we realized that none of us wore t-shirts on the court nor did we know anyone who did.

This began a conversation of the tennis clothes that are on the market today.  We hated the “fat sucking, muffin top inducing” styles and we wished there was something that was figure flattering.  As a result, Smashing Golf & Tennis was conceived.

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