Agatha Ozhylovski

Director, House of Design ‘I can clearly recall when I first fell in love with design, even though I was too young to recognise it at the time. The love endured and came to define who I am and what I do.’  As anyone will… Read More

Tatia Power

General Manager – Eastwood / Marketing Ten years ago I had never worked in an office, barely knew how to send an email and had no experience with MS Office. Today I am a General Manager of an Australian national company, living in the Philippines… Read More

Adrienne McLean

Director,  The Speakers Practice Challenges come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There have been some strong influences, in my life, that have shaped my values and choices in life. My achievements have been shaped by these choices. The challenges that have impacted me… Read More

Angela Roach

Owner of The Hotel Nanny The eureka moment The eureka moment came shortly after my partner and I visited an exclusive hotel with our six-month-old daughter, only to find we were unable to fully enjoy our stay because the lack of available, dependable childcare. Subsequently,… Read More

Jodie Cole

JC Social Media and Clever Tykes A princess. A vet. A gymnast. An air hostess. The editor of Vogue magazine. My career plans have varied wildly since I was very young. My dad worked for Peugeot. At work he was ‘the boss’. We always had… Read More

Maite Barón

Founder of The Corporate Escape  and author of Corporate Escape: The Rise of the New Entrepreneur As a child, while I didn’t know much, I knew one thing … that I wanted to make a difference – an aspiration that was to shape every stage… Read More

Rachel Matthews

Director, Weddings by Rachel In August 2010 I started Weddings by Rachel, one of very few wedding and event planning organisations in South Wales at the time. As I am sure it is for everyone, starting my business was an arduous task and one that… Read More

Michelle Wright

CEO of Cause4 In the back of my mind I always thought that I might want to start a business. Up to that point my career journey had been slightly unusual. I had trained as a violinist at one of the UK’s leading conservatoires –… Read More

Emma Hoffman

Founder & Head of Marketing for bigdeal Mobile Application My name is Emma Hoffman and I am very excited to be part of this empowering book and to be able to share our story with you.  I am the Founder & Head of Marketing for… Read More

Alison Forge

Inspirational Speaker, Author & Agent for Positive Change I am delighted to have been given this opportunity to inspire and motivate by sharing my own journey of achieving success as an author, inspirational speaker and agent for positive change. It has not, by any means,… Read More