Jane Asscher

Founding Partner – Strategy and Management at 23rd Like a lot of people I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted out of my career, or which direction I would end up going in. And I’ve certainly re-evaluated my opinions, shifted my goals, and changed… Read More

Rachel Matthews

Owner of Weddings by Rachel With a background in marketing, PR and events and a love for weddings and all things pretty, I often feel like wedding planning was just ‘a given’ for me. I am a fully qualified wedding planner, organising weddings in Wales… Read More

Rosanne Karmes

Owner, Sydney Evan   I have many fond memories of my childhood, however, I vividly remember where Sydney Evan all began. At the young age of 12, my best friend and I developed an obsession and skill for arts and craft; every week we would… Read More

Jennifer Michael

Director,  Jennifer Michael Events and Weddings Who would have thought that after studying science at university and working as a marketing executive in the pharmaceuticals industry for 15 years, I would some day be one of Australia’s busiest wedding planners? It’s been six years and… Read More

Jayne Drew & Kelly Daugherty

Directors of Smashing Golf & Tennis All great business ideas begin with martinis, right?  In our case, it was pomegranate martinis, which has the added benefit of anti-oxidants. Tennis partners Jayne Drew & Kelly Daugherty had been fermenting a business idea for a couple months… Read More

Mark Mills

Serial business broker and founder of Comerga Consulting, HowToSellACompany.co.uk and Cardpoint PLC.  He is the author of Natural Born Entrepreneur.   The business I am most proud of is Cardpoint. We took it from a ‘Eureka’ moment, no more than a spark of an idea, to… Read More

Eve John

Director, Bent-Over Silicone Nozzles Learning how to write up and implement a publicity plan and an effective press release as a part of my self-education, has been instrumental in my success in launching our business. Developing my own skills in publicity has been the difference… Read More

Kim McGann

CEO of Blush Brides & Co Founder Of the Wedding Entrepreneurs Academy Welcome to my story…. I’m probably a lot like you. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister and friend but also a highly driven, entrepreneur. In fact I believe I was born this… Read More

Carlie Ziri

Founder and Director of Lifestyle Property Agency and Pink Candy Accessories My career started at the tender age of just 18 months old. I was cast in a TV commercial to model baby knickers for Rio Underwear. By the time I was six I was… Read More

Miriam Castilla

Author, mentor and speaker There are moments in life which will define you for years to come. My most memorable such moment was in a supermarket. Fighting the tears welling up in my eyes, I handed a few items back to the cashier. It was… Read More